Leda offers more than just contract manufacturing. We also have well established brands that may be suitable for your market. These are turnkey business models designed to enable new distributors to be up and running quickly.

As a Leda distributor your access to product and competitive pricing will be also supported by the following value-add resources:

  • Securabike or Builders Bollard web page specific to your country. You can manage text, end user pricing and the product lineup if you wish.
  • Securabike handbook. This is an important tool for specifiers such as architects and engineers.
  • A free design layout service with Securabike. We insist this is free to your clients also. It is highly regarded as it solves the issue for clients on how to use space and the bicycle parking layout they want.
  • Drawings in all formats. From CAD to Solidworks and Revit to sketchup, all our products are available in electronic formats for your customers to access online.
  • Installation instructions and manuals. Easy to understand and often overlooked, manuals are a critical component to the deliverables of our products and their successful installation.
  • Product accessories such as masonry anchors and even drill bits can be included.
  • The ability for you to manufacture under license if required. Leda started originally in Australia which is very remote and there are just some jobs that cannot wait. Subsequently we have a royalty arrangement where our distributors can manufacture under license.
  • Isometric drawings of all containers. We can plan each container to make the most effective use of space. This minimises paying for empty space in containers which is expensive.
  • Professional packaging and packing of containers. Goods need to be clearly labelled and arrive in an undamaged condition which requires careful quality control during the packing of the goods and also the container.
  • If you so choose we may be able to consolidate shipments ex China for you or make some product OEM so again you maximise efficiencies for your business.

What do we look for in Distributors?

Existing businesses able to fund a container purchases of up to US$50,000 to start with. There is no obligation to purchase but you will need working capital in your business to fund purchases.

For distributors of Securabike products we have found the best distributors are other manufacturers of bike shelters or perhaps installers of bicycle equipment, where our bicycle parking becomes complimentary to their offering.

You should have warehousing space and the ability to unpack a standard container.

You should be familiar with marketing and managing a Google Adwords Account. Bicycle parking and bollard products are commonly found online so it is important to have a budget and the ability maximise SEO in your own territory.

Your existing sales team needs to have time to be trained but also be proactive with the product range. While bollards are a relatively easy online purchase for customers, bicycle parking is not.

Your territory will be defined by what you can reasonably service, which will typically be demonstrated by the territory of your existing business.

Our brands

  • Leda Contract Manufacturing
  • Leda Security Products (Ningbo) Co., Ltd

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