We can produce from your 3D drawing or enhance or modify your design with quality engineering services

Contract Engineering China
Contract Engineering China
Contract Engineering China

Whilst we are not an industrial design firm, our design & engineering capabilities are substantial. Our service will be of great advantage on projects or products where you know your intended outcome. We help you get there without delays.

You can access our engineering services on a contract or hourly basis. The advantage of using Leda’s engineering services really comes down us being the ones who will make your product at the end of the process. This is very different from low cost engineering services you may find through the web such as Upwork. These online services will likely get the job done, however with Leda’s engineering you can expect greater attention to detail (accountability) because we have to make what we engineer, so the sense of ownership is acute.

At the time of writing we have 4 full time Solidworks operators. We have completed a small amount of work in Driveworks with our related Australian business. Our engineers have extensive previous experience with Autocad Inventor which is another popular 3D design software package common in manufacturing.

For the design & engineering of shelters and structural designs we outsource to a qualified local firm who looks at all our structural and foundation elements. Leda typically performs engineering prior to sign-off, making further amendments, when required. We have worked with building codes in Australia, USA and Canada to date. Adhering to codes of other countries is well within our capability.

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FAQs about OEM manufacturing & metal fabrication with Leda Security Contract Manufacturing

Leda Security is a proud company of ARA Group, a wholly Australian owned company. We have no local control other than adhering to regulations of China.

Yes we can provide samples once design approval has been achieved.

Yes as our people travel to our clients regularly so it is typically easy for us to make our way to you if we are in your vicinity. Please contact us.

Predominantly Solidworks. We can also use inventor and similar.

Many western businesses are used to 30 day or more trading terms. This system does not work in China. You have to fund your own work so get used to it if you want to source in China. Leda typically ask for 50% deposit and 50% prior to shipping or supply of bill of lading.

Mainly US$ but where government agreements are in place with China we can work in and settle in your local currency or CNY / RMB. Australia is a good example of that. Internally within China everything is done in local CNY so US$ just comes up at the time of export.

Yes but understand how the tax system works in China. Exporters get a tax rebate so they can effectively offer the goods cheaper for export than they can sell locally. They are incentivised to do this so are sometimes reluctant to

We warrant our standards of assembly (precision, welds, coatings etc) however, if the product has been designed by you then warranty terms must be negotiated on a product-by-product basis. Leda warrants all goods against being packed incorrectly and scratched in transit. We take pictures of goods and packing before, during and after container packing so there is an audit trail.

Yes we can organise freight and couriers. Note that an invoice has to go with the goods. We can use your RRP pricing in this instance if this helps.

Leda has manufactured in Australia since 1995. Leda’s factory in Ningbo China commenced operation in 2011.

Coming from the Security Industry we understand the importance of confidentiality better than most. Leda will of course sign confidentiality agreements. By using multiple suppliers and assembling inhouse minimise how much IP is exposed to any single supplier. Our computing systems are also maintained both inside and outside China to minimise the risk of security breaches.

We do a lot of printed cardboard packing. We can work with your marketing people on packaging options. We have also printed catalogues locally so we can combine these in your shipments, if required..

MIG, TIG and aluminium. We can do non-structural and structural welding also although we may outsource to an approved shop to ensure adherence to your local welding accreditation. Most welding is non structural so not an issue to do internally.

Yes we have supplied electromechanical product.

Hot dip galvanising, powder coating and wet spray finishes. Most RAL colours are available although there are minimum order quantities associated with many colours.

Ideally you have your product design ready to go so we just contract manufacture. Should you choose, we can contribute to your design from a production perspective. We can also provide user / installation manuals and other technical services.

Leda have installed the ERP software system King-Dee which is the largest in China. It is bilingual. All our Bills of Materials are based on this system so we can track material and supplier shipments for batches if required.

United States, Europe, Canada and of course Australia.

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