Swing Boom

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A heavy duty manual boom gate for wide-opening security applications.

Single Swing Boom  – Clear opening 8m

Dual Swing Boom  – Clear opening 16m


Technical Details


Product Data: Submit Manufacturer’s product data for all gate equipment including:

  1. Manufacturer’s standard details and fabrication method.
  2. Data on finishing, hardware and accessories.
  3. Recommendations for maintenance and cleaning of exterior finish surfaces.

Shop drawings for gate and installation are required from manufacturer, including:

  1. Layout and installation details.
  2. Footing details.
  3. Wiring diagrams

Quality Assurance

Installer qualifications: Engage an experienced gate installer who has completed installations of all equipment similar in design and extent to those required for the project and whose work has resulted in construction with a record of successful in service performance.

Manufacturer’s qualifications: Provide all gates produced by a firm experienced in manufacturing gate systems that are similar to those indicated for this project and that have a record of successful in service performance. All gates must be tested.

Single source responsibility: Obtain all gates from a single manufacturer, to ensure full compatibility and warranty of parts.

Design criteria: The drawings indicate the size, profile and dimensional requirements of all gates required and are based on the specific types and models indicated.

Delivery storage and handling

Deliver all gates and related components in the manufacturer’s original protective packaging. Do not deliver gates until the work is ready for their installation.

Inspect components for damage upon delivery. Unless minor defects in metal components can be made to meet the Architect’s specifications and satisfaction, damaged parts should be removed and replaced.

Project conditions

Field Measurements: Check opening by accurate field measurement before fabrication. Show recorder measurements on shop drawings. Coordinate fabrication schedule with construction progress to avoid delay of the work and possible damage to the finished product.

Where necessary, proceed with fabrication without measurement and coordinate fabrication tolerances to insure proper fit.

Acceptable Manufacturers

Basis of design: Design is based on gate type, manufactured by Leda Security Products Pty Ltd

Additional materials

Accessory Fittings: Provide manufacturer’s standard accessory fittings of the type indicated. Comply with requirements indicated for kind and form of metal and finish of gate fittings.

Anchors and Fasteners: Manufacturer’s standard anchors and fastenings.

Cold Gal: Can be applied to gate to help reduce oxidization of surfaces that need to be cut or welded during the installation process.


General: Fabricate all gate components to designs and sizes indicated. Sizes of gate and profile requirements of fittings and hardware are indicated on the drawings.

Prefabrication: Complete fabrication, assembly, finishing, hardware application and other work to the greatest extent possible before shipment to the project site. Disassemble components only as necessary for shipment and installation.


General: Automation of gates if required will be to required operation standard based on top or mid tier equipment. Top tier relating to automation equipment with the gate weight, speed and operation frequency well within specification. Mid tier relating to less stringent or frequent operating environments.

Standards: Equipment is to comply with all relevant and electrical and safety for the legal jurisdiction of installation.


Examine footing with the installer, present for compliance with requirements indicated, installation tolerances and other conditions that affect the installation of all gates such as wind loadings.

Correct unsatisfactory conditions before proceeding with the installation.

Do not proceed with installation until unsatisfactory conditions are corrected.


Install gate and associated components in accordance with manufacturer’s printed instructions and recommendations.

  1. Verify units level, plumb and true line.
  2. Lubricate hardware and other moving parts.


Adjust gate to provide a tight fit at meeting points.

Hardware: Adjust operating hardware to ensure proper operation.


Clean gate surfaces after installation, exercising care to avoid damage to the finish.


Institute protective measures required throughout the remainder of the construction period to ensure that the all gates do not incur any damage or deterioration, other than normal weathering, at the time of acceptance.


Gate and warranty to be not less than 12 months on installation but otherwise as per contract or manufacturers warranty.


Maintenance is to be based on frequency of use and to be as per manufacturers maintenance manuals to be supplied with equipment.

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